Who Are The Famous Short Men?

Some men are born tall some are born short. But both of them do attain great heights in life and are remembered for their achievements. Height does not restrict them to perform their tasks to the best of their best ability.

Short men have not lagged behind in their achievements. They have successfully contributed much to society. They have been successful in their professional and personal lives. One has much to learn from them.

Napoloen BonaparteI was a French military and political leader of eminence who made significant contributions in European history, particularly that of France. Although he was short, he attained great heights. He was the General during the French Revolution as well as the Emperor of France. He led the French army in many battles. Modernized the armed forces. Applied military tactics, which helped in gaining many accolades. He established the Napoleonic Code, which helped in the setting up of the bureaucracy of modern France. You could call him a military genius.

Alexander Pope, the famous English poet was 4ft 6 inches tall. But his height did not deter him from attaining heights in the field of poetry. He had many literary works to his credit such as Essays on Criticism , Rape of the Lock and Dunciad and many more. He satirized life situations.

Adolf Hitler was a successful German political leader who was criticized for many of his political policies, particularly Nazism. His fascist policies were not appreciated at all. He had persecuted Jews and become very unpopular for it. Yet Germany gained a lot in prominence during his rule. Economically and politically Germany did very well.

Although he was short in stature, he was very commanding and as a General was very astute and famous. His Nazi Party was very successful and voiced his goals and ambitions.

Al Pacino is only 5’5 but he attained fame as an actor. Bob Dylan attained distinction as a singer. His short stature did not deter him.

Being short is not a disadvantage. One can be successful and contribute to society immensely. Fame and prosperity are at their doorstep. Talent can be discovered among them as well.