The role of height in sports

Tall people are looked up to. Many admire them. They themselves maybe very self-conscious of their height, but many feel it is an asset. No doubt, tall people do encounter some difficulty in movements, like they find it difficult to use public transport, or their legs stand out too tall on the bed, but in sports their presence is welcomed.

There are many advantages of being tall and one among them is participating in sports. Being tall does not bar you from taking part in sports. Many tall people excel in sports and do not think their height is a disadvantage.

What are the Advantages of Being Tall in Sports?

  • They can participate in certain games better such as basketball, volleyball and tennis. Their height helps them to place the ball in the basket and long arms helps them to serve better in tennis
  • Long legs help them to do well in running sports. They can run fast as they can take long strides and reach the destination on time. They can go much ahead of the others
  • In swimming also long arms and legs are an advantage. The strokes can be long and wide
  • Tall people are considered to be good leaders in sports. In school itself they are noticed and given leadership responsibility
  • In certain games such as basketball, volleyball, fencing and water-polo; they enter these games without any competition. Their selection process is easy. In other words they are selected very easily
  • They are tall in stature also. Their personality comes across well. They appear to be more self-confident and their self-esteem is high.
  • Mobility is also high. Since they can take long strides easily, they are very agile.

Sportsmen like being tall. They receive a lot of attention and stand out in the crowd. Their height is an advantage to them in certain sports and they do take up challenges more confidently. So one need not feel too conscious of one’s height. One can try one’s hand at such sports, where being tall is not considered to be a hindrance.