Stretching is the deliberate act of lengthening the muscle. One stretches the body to relax. When one yawns one stretches his or her muscles. Stretching of the body is done quite often, at home at work place. A tired body when stretched relaxes. Even when one awakes one stretches one’s body.

Different exercises such as swimming, bicycling help in stretching and also help in increasing height. Running also helps. Physical exercises that involve the movement of hands and legs also help in increasing height. Stretching the neck also is another way to gain height. In fact the whole body should be stretched.

Does Stretching Increase Your Height?

Stretching is good to increase one’s height. By performing stretch exercises properly and systematically, one can add few more inches to one’s height. After all everybody wants to grow tall. Genetics does to some extent influence height, but one can increase one’s height through exercises as well.

Having good height is an asset. It makes you feel more confident and self-assured. One has to make an effort. Exercise to attain heights! Stretching is the best way.

How Do Stretching Exercises Help Increases Height?

  • Stretching is done to exercise the body.
  • Athletes stretch their muscles before a game for increased performance.
  • Stretching helps in releasing hormones, which help in growth. The intensity with which you perform these exercises should lactate into your muscles for height increase. This lactate will activate growth hormone even after exercise. The body continues to produce this hormone, thus helping in increasing the height.
  • One can stretch the spinal cord for better height and to straighten the back
  • Yoga stretch exercises help in increasing the height
  • High intensity anaerobic exercises like growing taller stretches help in producing heavy amounts of human growth hormones which increase height
  • By exercising different parts of the body like the knees, thighs, one can increase one’s height
  • A combination of stretches and building muscle around the back and stomach muscles will improve the posture and make you look tall
  • Stretching exercises such as touch toes, wall stretch, hanging and cobra can straighten your posture and make you look tall.
  • A regular regimen of stretch exercise will help improve one’s height

It is obvious that stretch exercises are beneficial for body build-up. Apart from strengthening the muscles, they help you grow tall.

Stretching Exercises to Increase Height

One of the stretching exercises to increase height is leg stretch. For this, you may need to sit with legs stretched straight in front of you. Then spread your legs as much as you can. Keeping your knees straight, try reach out to your toes. If possible, rest your forehead on your knee. You may want to practice this exercise on both sides.