Smoking and Height

Smoking is one of the most costly habits around the world. Not only for those who smoke, but also for those who are around these smokers when they smoke. Many believe that smoking affects the physical (and mental) growth of a person.

As is known to everyone, cigarettes and cigars contain tobacco. Tobacco contains nicotine that directly affects the nervous system and blood circulation giving the brain a high. This makes the brain want it more, especially under stressful situations. Now 1/400 oz is good enough to kill a person. However each cigarette contains a very minute part of it acting as a slow poison.

Because of the reasons above smoking affects the entire human body, though slowly. This effect of smoking is more visible in children and particularly in adolescents. It has already been proved that smoking affects the production of hormones in the body very badly. This means the chance of a teenager improving his height is very less in an environment that contains more smokers.

Tobacco and especially nicotine have drastic effects on people around the smokers. The effects are more if these people already have respiratory problems or otherwise are pregnant or in childhood or adolescence.

If one observes acutely, pregnancy, infancy and adolescence are those periods of time when the body of a person is developing. Because of the effects of the smoke, the development of the body is reduced.

Pregnancy – infancy:

Pregnancy is the time when all the systems of a human body are being formed. When a pregnant woman smokes or is surrounded by people who smoke, the nicotine even affects the baby inside her stomach. There are huge chances that the baby may be born with abnormalities.

Early childhood:

It is during the childhood that the mental and physical abilities of a human being come into play. When in the company or in the family of someone who smokes regularly, children become more susceptible for sickness and other respiratory problems. These problems consume the entire energies of the child. As the child grows you may find that he/she may not increase in height as much as one can anticipate.


Adolescence is the actual age where a child grows rapidly. If by this age, the child smokes (it can happen in very rare cases) or grows up in a “smoky” environment, the release of the hormones decreases. This means that the height, which is more or less going to be final for the rest of life of that person, is going to be affected drastically.

In any case, smoking is going to affect the growth of even an adult. An adult used to the habit of smoking generally tends to droop in statue appearing shorter than he actually is.

All said, smoking is best to avoid, whether you want to increase height or not.