Postures to Increase Your Height

Height is one of those little things that every one of wants to increase, provided we know we have a chance. Fact is we HAVE A CHANCE TO INCREASE HEIGHT at any age.

One of the many things that determine the height of a person is his postures. From childhood we are all habituated to doing things in certain ways, each different from the other. But most of the time these ‘ways’ of doing things need not be in-sync with the betterment of your body. So we tend to sit bending our body too much, or walk stooping or run moving only one hand freely.

Factors affecting postures:

Just about any factor or situation that you keep doing repeatedly is a huge factor. Say, how you pick up a bottle from your cupboard, or stand when waiting for a cab, open the door. Though most of these factors seem ridiculous just try to imagine the kind of pain experienced when you were hit and still seem (or so you feel) to nurse it.

If a part of your body has been hurt, the body gets it corrected. But the mind used is subjected to use that part in a certain way. So after the correction is done naturally, the mind still tends to use it in the same old way. However the newly corrected part doesn’t accept it because this is not the way that it should be used.

Therefore it is important to use our body in a better way to get the maximum out of it. Remember the older you are, the more time it is going to take to get rid of your body postures.

Finding which parts are affected:

There is a smart way of finding which parts of your body are affected. You already know some. But most of the times the root exists somewhere else. So the following method is best to know which exact part is more painful:

  • Stand with your legs stretched apart at a comfortable distance.
  • Now stretch your arms to a comfortable level.
  • Close your eyes and breath in and out for some time.
  • Now in your mindset feel each part of your body. You start from the head and go down or start off with the toes and come upwards.
  • Try to remember the points where you think you felt uncomfortable.

Now you know in which parts of the body you feel some kind of uncomfortable feeling.

In most cases, these parts would be ankles or heels, waist, back bone, and neck. So that says all about how you have been using your body.

Postures that help:


  • When you sit, try to sit on your lower part of buttocks than rest your body completely on your buttocks.
  • Do not bend your spine. When you read a book or work on a computer, just bend your bone a bit forward.
  • Try to rest your feet on the ground. However keep changing the position of your feet. This helps release pressure of your legs.


  • If you have to stand for longer hours or even for more than 5 min, try to stand firmly on one leg and lightly on the other leg. As you keep changing the pressure on each leg, it becomes easy for one leg to relax.
  • Stand straight, and open up your chest as if you were showing it off. However do not stretch it wide open.
  • Sometimes when you have to stand for longer than 10 minutes we tend to rest our back, or hips on to something. The best way, even then is to keep on shifting the entire weight off one part. Do not bend your waist in any way.


  • Walking show not only the kind of person you are, but shows your levels of confidence.
  • Walk in a carefully careless manner. Yes, carefully because you have to learn to walk carefully. But once you get used to it, you can be as careless yo want to be.
  • When you walk, first let the heel ground. At the same time the other leg’s heel is lifted upwards, with only the toes part touching the ground. Now lift the other leg only after the first leg is placed firmly on the ground.
  • Your right hand should follow the left leg as it is raised and placed on the floor. The left hand should follow the right hand in the same way.
  • Many people have the habit of tightly holding their muscles for some reason. You will know which muscles or bones when you do the exercise already told in the article.

Lying down:

  • When you lie down, make sure the body that is resting on the ground is completely free of any kind of pain.
  • Let the top rest without holding weight. This makes you relax in a better way.
  • If you cannot sleep even after trying for more than fifteen minutes, just get up and pick up a book or work.

The above simple postures of sitting, standing, walking and lying down help a great deal in setting up the way the body is used for work. This helps in proper utilization of body energy, and thus growth. Follow these tips, and once you get habituated of observing your body, you will know your development either in confidence or height or both.