Posture Exercise

One should improve one’s posture. It enhances one’s personality as well as height. Keeping in good shape physically is very important. In one’s day-to-day activities, a robust physical health helps in carrying out one’s chores well. A good posture is also a sign of good health. It gives good impression outwardly and is an indication of an attractive personality.

A good posture is good for the body structure in many ways. It keeps the bones and joints in correct alignment so that muscles are used properly. Prevents fatigue and backache and muscle pain. Overall, a good posture is worth striving for.

From early childhood itself, one must train the child to sit properly, with his back straight. A good posture at that age pays dividends at a later age. Shoulder and neck formation will be proper. The spinal cord will be in good shape. This in turn will lead to increased height. Increased height means a better image of one’s self and better health.
One must exercise regularly. Carry out back exercises. The back remains straight because of this. The latter helps the mind and body.

A correct posture is not only good for the spinal cord, but also increases height. A person looks tall. If he bends, he looks stunted. A slouched back is a sign of bad posture. If posture is correct then there is less strain on the supporting muscles and ligaments during movement or weight bearing activities.

How Does Good Posture Enhance Height?

  • Stand up straight. You will look few inches taller.
  • Slouching lessens your height
  • Psychologically and physically you feel well, particularly you feel proud of being tall
  • The spine is straightened and remains healthy
  • Proper sitting, standing, and lying down positions will eliminate undue pressure and compression of the discs which will lengthen the spine and foster growth
  • Yoga enhances posture, which in turn improves height
  • Strengthening of the muscles of the upper back and neck will improve the spine and will help in increasing height
  • A straight back improves personality. A tall person is very often received well. He or she appears to be a man or woman of stern convictions and beliefs

Sit up straight. Good posture and good height mean a sense of well-being. It also means being smart person, a person with a sense of purpose and character.