Plan Your Diet to Increase Your Height

Many people believe that a balanced diet plan helps only in improving the general health of a person and it has nothing to do with height. But if you also think like that you are really mistaken. You have to understand the fact that a balanced diet gives everything to your body for its proper and timely development. This can also help to increase your height.

Maintain a healthy body metabolism

Height is mainly determined by your body metabolism. If you maintain a healthy body metabolism you can also maintain a healthy height. So, fire up your body metabolism by eating three healthy meals per day and few healthy in-between-meal snacks such as a cup of fresh fruit.

Take foods rich in calcium

Unwanted weight places stress on your bones. So it is always better to take foods rich in calcium to avoid future risks associated with overweight.

How to avoid the feeling of starvation?

Generally if one is short, he or she can’t eat the same volume of food as taller people. In fact, shorter people must eat far less just to keep avoid the risk of increase in their weight. So he or she may feel like starving rather than ‘healthy dieting’. So the best way is to look for foods that provide nutrition yet are low in calories such as frozen vegetables and frozen fruits.

Maintain a proper and healthy diet plan

A dietician helps preparing a diet plan for you after taking into account your tastes and needs. In general, a normal human being who does a normal amount of physical work requires 2,800 calories per day. A housewife may require 2,400 calories per day. Those who do more physical work may require more amount of calories depending upon the physical labor they put in their work. Calorie requirement per day may go up to 6,000 calories if one is a very hard-working person. In the same way, young people may require more number of calories than adult people.

Your dietician prepares a proper diet plan for you after considering various factors like – age, weight, height, your tastes, nature of your work, etc. If you regularly follow the diet plan in accordance with the instructions given by the dietician it helps not only in increasing your height but also in improving your general health.