Massaging to Grow Tall

Benefits of Massaging

Massaging is an effective technique which makes our muscles flexible. This energizes the nervous system and ensures proper blood circulation through the body. As the blood circulation is proper, the excretion as well as digestion process also functions quickly. As a result, the body becomes active. This leads to the proper growth and development of the body.

Massaging and height

Massaging is a very good exercise for the muscles. This is directly connected to the height of a person. This will be evident from the following exercise schemes.

Massage of the back

Lie down on the with a hard bed support on chest and stomach. Get oil rubbed on the back. Massage should be done from upwards to downwards, followed by gentle patting. Special attention should be given to backbone. There are certain types of rubbing techniques and movements which the practitioners know.

The special attention which is given to back bone helps to increase the length of the backbone, which is an important factor in the height of a person.

Massage of the neck, arms and legs

This massage starts from the upper portion of the backbone. The neck, arms and legs are massaged by a ‘twist’ technique. The idea is to excrete the unwanted elements from the body parts and ensure nourishment.

This massage influences the thyroid gland positively and helps a person in developing his height.

Another important massaging for this purpose concentrates on legs below ankles and soles.

Massage of the waist, stomach and chest.

The stomach should be massaged only in the morning. One has to keep the stomach loose during massaging. Three techniques will be involved in this massaging scheme: patting, rubbing and rolling.

Various types of massaging

  • Oil massage
  • Powder massage
  • Hot massage
  • Cold massage

Oil massage is considered to be the best. People with oily skin are advised to have powder or dry massage.

Proper massage can offer a lot for the growth of the body and height gain. The massaging should be done by a good practitioner so as to expect the appropriate results.