Ideal Height

It is not that hard to answer this question. However it is not that easy to answer this either. Ideal height has been a topic of discussion for quite sometime now.

Height is hugely dependent on hereditary factors, i.e. people born to shorter parents are found to be shorter than those born to taller parents. But there are various factors that affect the height: climate, brought up environment, food habits and also other habits.

Therefore it becomes impossible to set an ideal height because each geographical region has its own kind of climate. An American’s ideal height will be different from a French one. A British’s ideal height will be different from that of a person who hails from the Middle-East and so on.

For an American the height of a physically normal man is generally 6 feet 6 inches(the highest) to 5 feet (the lowest). The average height of an American woman is generally 4 feet 9 inches to 6 feet. The average height in oriental countries is 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet – much less when compared to Europe and other Asian countries.

Does this mean that each geographical region in the world can have an ideal height of its own? The answer for this question is no, because there are other habits that have already been mentioned that affect the height of a person.

What artists say about ideal height?

The artists believe in symmetry of everything. So some tend to think that an ideal height is where a person’s height from the navel of the body is exactly equal to the length between toe and the navel.

Greeks believed that the height of a man should be exactly eight times the length of his head. Also they believed that a woman’s height should be six times the length of her head.

Modern artists have corrected this and say that the ideal height of a person is seven and half times the length of his head. Also there has been a research which shows that women would look great if their height is just below six times the length of their heads.

What science has to say about ideal height?

Whatever artists believe, scientists today believe that height does not affect the mindset of a person as much as his own boundaries that are set by fear of being left out. This is generally called identity crisis in other words. But it doesn’t mean that wanting height is anything wrong.

Those who like to improve their height can improve height happily only if they are fine with it and yet want to try. Trying artificial methods to increase height by using medicines that increase the growth of your hormones might have adverse affects. Ideal height is a myth created by media and others who tend to make money out of people’s worries about height.

Just feel great when you think of people like Adolph Hitler, Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte.