Human Growth Cycle

One of the key elements of success in any field is the amount of knowledge we have in that.

Even though knowledge regarding the growth cycle does not directly help you in increasing your height, indirectly it can. It will help you to understand the needs of the body well, so that you can take better care of it.

Human growth is a complex process that depends upon many factors. It starts from the time when a baby is conceived, and continues throughout the life. Here we are going to see some observations on human growth.

These should be seen as normal growth patterns, but there are several factors which will cause the growth patterns to deviate.

Before Birth

The life cycle begins as a single cell, which multiplies and undergoes various developments and the child is ultimately born. In the state of fetus around 2.5 months, the baby will weigh about 3 grams and will be around 3 cms long. Almost all the body organs will be formed by this time. This follows a rapid growth period, when fetus grows by 2.5 cm per week. Later the growth slows down, and the baby fills the uterus.

A new born baby will weigh around 2.5 to 3.8 kgs and will be around 50 cms in length.

From birth to puberty

The first year of life will be that of rapid growth. The height will be increased by 18-25 inches. From first to second year of growth, children gain 10-13 cms of height. After this period, the growth rate slows down and becomes a steady state of around 5-6 cms per year. This pattern continues till the child reaches puberty.

Pubertal Growth Spurt

This growth lasts about 2 years. This time differs for boys and girls. For girls, this happens when they are around 13-15 years old, whereas for boys, this happens around the age of 14-17. Depending on various factors, the height gain will range from 6 to 13 cms during this period.

The growth pattern can be checked against the growth chart to find out the growth abnormalities.

This period is followed by adolescence where the normal growth tends to seize as the growing ends of the bones begin to fuse.

The process of growth is not so simple

The science of growth is in fact complex, as one has to deal with a lot of factors ranging from what had been encoded in your genes to what you are having for your breakfast.


hat does our Body Needs to Help Increase its Height?

Height of a person depends on a combination of factors such as environment, genes, nutrition, etc. In general, to increase height, our body needs healthy food consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, meat, etc along with regular exercise. Moreover, adequate sleep also plays a definite role to add height. This is because inadequate sleep can reduce the secretion of growth hormone that is responsible for growth of people till puberty.