How Rolfing Helps You Grow Tall?

Rolfing is manipulation of soft tissue in order to realign the body structurally and harmonizing its movement with gravity. In other words, proper alignment of the body is what Rolfing is all about. All parts of the body like the feet, ankles, neck head should be aligned for correct posture and for general well being. It also involves deep massage.

Rolfing is more than just massage. It reshapes the body’s myofascial structure by applying pressure and energy, and in the process freeing the body from the effects of physical and emotional traumas. It is meant to improve the overall well being of a person. It counteracts the effects of gravity, which over a period of time pulls the body out of alignment. This pull causes the body’s connective tissue to become harder and stiffer, and the muscles to atrophy. This leads to stiffening and contraction as well as slouching or an overly erect posture.

It has been observed that there is a correlation between muscular tensions and pent up emotions. A healthy emotional makeup would depend upon the alignment of the body parts. Rolfing enables the body to be perfectly aligned with gravity, so that the effect of the gravity on the body is minimized. Once the gravity effect is minimized on the spine and other body parts, then they are less compressed and one looks taller.

The deep massage technique in Rolfing loosens up the fascia and relaxes it and improves upon the muscles surrounding it.

The general belief by those practicing Rolfing is that the fascia toughens and thickens over a period of time and results in unhealthy alignment of the body. The Rolf practitioner will concentrate on different set of muscles and try to improve upon them through massage.

Rolfing stretches out the muscle fibers and they become more supple and elastic. This in the process helps in improving the height as stretched muscles add to the height.

The treatment is painful at times but there are no side effects. Sometimes suppressed emotional anguish is released.

Rolfing improves posture, which in turn adds inches to your height. Any person with a good posture will look tall. A good appearance consists of an erect back, a straight head and walking in a manner that you appear tall and a person of good health and general well-being.