How Can Hypnosis Help in Height Increase?

One can increase height through diet and exercises. He or she can also increase it through hypnosis. It may not sound very convincing, but efforts have been on to increase the length of the body through this method. It is mind-inducing technique to enhance physical growth of the body.

The Process of Height Increase Through Hypnosis?

Our thoughts and feelings influence our bodies via the nervous and circulatory systems. The brain reaches the body through the nervous system. It is understood that the brain can dictate cartilage formation, bone growth and muscle growth, which help in increasing the height at any time and at any age. The brain controls every activity of the body.

One goes into a relaxed state of mind. This helps in activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and lessens that activity of the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, the stress hormones and nervous activity are shut down, which in turn opens up the body’s natural healing powers.

This state of relaxation also lessens the activities of the analytical or conscious mind. Normally, the mind and body are in constant state of dialogue. Once the body is relaxed and the analytical part of the mind is quietened, the unconscious or subconscious mind (the creative mind) is free to open to suggestions. In this state one can direct the mind to encourage the growth of the body and increase the height.

Hypnosis may work on some people only. It depends upon the person’s receptivity. One has to be convinced that hypnosis helps in height increase. He or she should have a positive attitude towards it. Much would depend upon your mind view. How you can influence your mind to bring required changes in the body system.

Via hypnosis one can reactivate the growth hormones even if one has passed the normal growth age. Of course there is a limit here also to the age limit as to when one can increase once height through hypnosis. If you are too old you cannot do so.

Get into a trance. Hypnotize yourself and try to gain some inches in your height. You must believe in it for it to work.