Heredity Effects on Height

Heredity is and has been a BIG factor in estimating the height of many people all over the world. Studies and researches have been conducted on these because it has never been proved that just because the parents are tall the offspring has turned out to be tall. The same is case with short people, because not always their parents are shorter compared to others. Also the sons and grandsons of short stature parents are generally tall. But in the case of fourth of fifth generation the same is not the case.

So how does one know that heredity has a role in affecting a person’s height? Scientists have been observing people of different countries and found that tall and thin persons generally resemble their ancestors more or less without any huge differences. However those who tend to be stronger and shorter do not resemble their ancestors as much. But this information is not enough to show that height and heredity do have something to do with each other.

Because of the example above and fourth generation offspring showing no similarity in heights, relation between heredity and height cannot be established without doubt.

As the research between heredity and height went on, even study on hormones and height has been done. This study has proved that it is wholly the hormones of a person that determine the height of a body. Also other factors that can be included are environment, climate, food habits and other habits.

This study has gone on to prove that given similar conditions different people who are born to parents of the different heights may have same height. This study has therefore proved that heredity is not a big factor in case of a person’s height when that person is given good conditions. However research is still going on to relate heredity with height growth.

Assuming heredity affects height, what can we do to avoid this influence?

Though no solid evidence shows that heredity and height are related, but we can definitely follow some small tips that affect our height growth.


One of the best ways to keep a check upon ourselves is to observe our postures while performing daily chores. Controlling our postures not only increases our height but also gives proper balance to the body and evenly distributes work to the muscles of the body.

Some postures that need to be observed are: sitting, sleeping and walking. Actually these three normal things hugely affect our skeletal system and muscle systems also.


A balanced diet is another simple way that gives all the requisites to our body, there by enhancing our hormones that help in increasing height. In many cases where people complain of lesser growth compared to others, the root problem has been diet.

Many people forget the importance of good food in a balanced growth of a body. As a result they do not grow taller.

Remember that if diet and postures are maintained, you can easily increase your height.