Height and Mind

What is Psychology doing here?

You may be wondering what Psychology has to do with the height of a person. This is an interesting topic as the height of a person play an important role in the social, as well as personal life of a human being. People having short stature may well aware of this rather than normal people.

The problems of the short

A research on the behavior pattern of kids had proved that children with growth deficiency tend to have more social problems. The common problems include:

  • Low social competence
  • Increased behavior problems
  • Low self esteem

Some researches showed a lower rate of employment and marriage when children of this kind grew up.


There is a stigma attached to the height and many times short people are looked down by the society depending on their physical appearance. In ancient times, tall people always had advantages while hunting and its image had been associated with positive traits. This is one of the theories behind the common Psychology on height.

So, this causes a lower self image in the shorter people, and sometimes they end up with failures in life.

You can change!

Short people can follow different methods in order to gain height. But these methods can not do any magic on one’s height so as to offer him normal height.

You can’t alter your appearance beyond a limit with any technique. But instead of appearance, one can concentrate on attitude and bring a definite change in the life.

We have to concentrate on our own self images and skills, and change our perception of height. Measure height by mind, not by the measuring scales.