Height Abnormalities

Short Stature

A state where the height of a human is being below the expected height is called a short stature. One cannot precisely say the degree of shortness that could be considered as short.

Severe shortness may be due to hereditary factors. But there can be other factors such as chronic hormone deficiency, malnutrition, treatment with certain drugs or some birth defect syndromes.

Tall Stature

This is the opposite case of what we had discussed earlier. Even though growing taller is what many people are looking for, excessive height is considered as an abnormality.

Genetic, metabolic or environmental factors can be the reasons behind such conditions. These growth abnormalities require careful medical inspections.

The genetic or familial factors highly influence the height of the children. Mostly, short parents will have short children. This is called familial short structure. Similar to this, familial tall structure also exists.

Various diseases may cause height disorders. Extreme height may lead to pathological conditions.


This is a state of excessive height. This is often due to the pre pubertal hormone excess and more specifically called pituitary gigantism. There is no precise definition regarding the degree of height which makes one to be considered as giant.


This is a condition in which the height of the person will be too short compared to the normal standards. This can be caused by more than 200 conditions, many of them are genetic in origin.