Height abnormalities

Height within the normal range is appreciated. No doubt some people are a bit too tall or a bit too short, but nevertheless are accepted in society. They prove to be an asset to society. Only when the height is in the extreme, when it is considered to be abnormal, then it is of much concern to the individual affected. Dwarfism or


are not normal growths.

Deficiency in growth hormone causes extreme height growth. It is advisable to keep a track of the height development of a child. During puberty the growth rate is fast. In case one feels the height is not as much as one wants to be then one can carry out exercises and improve upon it. Genetics do play an important role, but one can also manipulate height.

Extremism in height growth is hormonal and one cannot do much about it.

Chromosomes abnormalities affect height. These abnormalities occur at the time of pregnancy. Abnormalities in growth are socially not so well received. They are not considered to be normal like everybody else. People who are too short or too tall stand out.

Dwarfism means a short stature. A person does not grow to the full height.

Yet he leads a normal life like everybody else. He educates himself, marries and raises children like an average person. Only in appearance he will be different. His intelligence is normal.

Dwarfism is a genetic condition. Much depends upon how the chromosome formation took place during pregnancy. If both the parents are dwarfs, then there are high chances that the child will also be a dwarf.

Gigantism is excessive growth, which is due to over-secretion of human growth hormones during puberty. A person grows very, very tall. Socially he stands out. It is caused by disease or disorder in the endocrine system that regulates growth and development.

One likes to be tall, but will not be appreciative of gigantism. Similarly, being short may be alright, but dwarfism is again a social constraint. One hopes for the ideal height, but that is not always possible or is not in our hands totally. We can improve upon our height. We can try to grow tall, but we cannot stop growing tall, or at least that is the way one believes. Make the best of both conditions, be it dwarfism or gigantism.