Growth Problems in Kids

Parents will have many questions regarding the height of their children while they grow up. What will be the appropriate height of a child at a particular age is a very difficult question to answer.

Does my child have proper height?

There are several factors which determine a child’s height. There are certain methods to predict the height of the child, which takes into consideration the height of the parents also. By looking at the height and weight charts, one can understand the average height of a child in various stages.

Identify problems

It is always desirable to understand the human growth cycle. This will help to track down the height abnormalities of the kids. We can check whether the children are reaching a target height over a period of time. If the growth pattern is noticeably deviating from the normal, it should be considered as a medical problem.

Familial short structure

One of the most common reasons of having a familial short structure is a case where the parents as well as the family members are short.

Late bloomers

Some children will have a delay in beginning puberty and often people mistake this for short stature. They are often called ‘late bloomers’ because they will develop in the next stages of growth with proper height.

Growth hormone deficiency

There exist a lot of growth problems among children which require urgent medical attention. One of the most important problems is the deficiency of growth hormone. There are tests to identify the growth hormone deficiency and the treatments include growth hormone replacement. Growth hormone deficiency can be either congenital or acquired later in life.

Regular check-ups with the Pediatrician can avoid a great amount of problems which can happen in the later stages.