Great Ways to Increase Height

Is it possible to increase height? This is the question that hundreds and thousands of short people (also some tall people) ask one another every day.

Many people believe that we stop growing after we reach a certain age. There has been serious research conducted to prove this. But no substantial proof relating age and height has been found yet. Also it has been discovered that height increase is because of the increase in hormones produced by growing body. As the production of these hormones comes to a certain balance after certain age, people’s height growth comes to a halt. However if these hormones can be released naturally, then definitely anyone can increase their height.

So what are the general factors that can help us increase our height? Well, there a quite a few factors that affect our growth.

Some of them are diet, environment, postures, clothing etc.


One of the nicest ways to help oneself is to check and observe the way we handle our daily chores and activities. Also checking our stress sources is one way to keep a tab on upon the way we act, think and grow (both physically and mentally). Controlling our postures has its own effects. In fact, you may become a bit uptight.

But if you know what unnecessary movements you make to get a simple job done, then it definitely helps to control your postures and positions. Actually, proper postures increase your height and give proper balance to the body. This results in even distribution of energies throughout the body. Hence more health and growth.

Simple routines like sitting, sleeping, walking, running and lying down, make a huge difference in what we do and how we grow as persons. Finding the right way of posturing yourself in these routines results in growth.


It is surprising to know that many people do not recognize how important it is to be healthy to grow. Actually it is unwise to think of growth without thinking of health. Diet is the only way that we can even hope to be physically healthy. Actually poor diet or poor dietary habits have been the main reason behind all the complaints of poor height growth.


Apart from the basic needs such as the food and water, man and his growth is easily influenced by the environment and society he has been living in.

For reasons unknown, we do not tend to easily believe in things that affect us slowly but deeply. Less illumination makes you stoop for things, and less ventilation makes you breathe deeply, pushing the chest forward. If when growing up a child comes through such environments he is definitely bound to get his body involved in the way that a body doesn’t support naturally.

In this way little things in environment, when changed and understood, can affect us hugely as much as balanced diet and helpful postures. These result in positive mental attitude and good physical growth.

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