Factors Influencing the Height

Have you ever wondered that most of us are of almost same height when we born, but end up in different classes of height? The science of growth is a complex world of different factors which are constantly influencing your height. Let’s have a look at the various factors determining the human height.

Hereditary factors

This is an important factor in determining one’s height. But one can never say that since the parents are tall, the children also will grow tall. This is true in the case of short people also. Anyway, one cannot expect a control over this factor.

Diet and Nutrition

Everyone knows that proper diet leads to proper health. But does it have a direct influence on height? We have to say “yes”, the growth of the body depends upon what we eat.

The lack of nutrition is one of the main reasons for the growth deficiency problems observed among the children. Other than this, junk food and other unhealthy eating habits also influence health problems.

Growth Hormones

Growth hormones are special hormones produced by special glands including thyroid gland. They are injected into the blood stream, and reach various organs and regulate growth and development.

It instructs the skeletal bones and muscles to grow bigger and longer. The growth of the body will be proportional to the hormone production in the body.

By indulging in the activities which enhance the production of growth hormone will help one gain height. Proper diet also helps to gain weight by speeding up the hormone production of the body.


The way one is habituated to do things can have bigger effects. The way we sit, walk, run and lie down play an important role in our height. The idea is to use our body in a way which optimizes its functioning.

Exercise and Fitness

Exercises will help your body to stretch to its limits and become flexible. The exercises which concentrate on the backbone proved to be extremely useful in improving the height. Some of the exercises are

There are a number of other factors including the country in which one lives and the living standards also affect the human height.

Height Increase Regenerative Medicine

There are different products available in the market that claim to add height after puberty through bone regeneration. However, they are not sufficiently backed by scientific facts.