Exercises for Women

Everybody knows that man and woman are physically different. But the works that society and various other things (such as basic nature and culture) have attributed to women are quite different from that given to men. That is one of the reasons why we give few different exercises for women here.

Exercises for women:

Movement 1

Stand in a comfortable position. Push your hands backwards and join them, just near your hips. Now push you hands upwards, but try to stand errect. Push as much as you can, but do not push too hard. Then bend your body forward. Come back in the same way. Now relax for few seconds and repeat it four times every day.

Movement 2

Find a ball (a lighter ball, say a volley ball or a foot ball). Throw the ball vertically above your head. Now try to catch the ball, above your head. You can also take someone else’s help in throwing the ball.

Movement 3

Stand by a wall and allow your head, neck, back, hips, ankles and heels to touch the wall. Take a deep breath. Now shrink your hips or hold them tightly and try to touch the wall with your waist. Make sure that your other parts still touch the wall. This is not easy and don’t try to touch your waist with the wall right way. It will take days before you can do that easily.

After the exercise, relax for a while.

Movement 4

Stand straight and erect. Raise your right hand vertically above your head. Now raise left leg (bent at knees) back wards till your buttocks. Hold the toes of the left leg with your left hand. Now try to raise your leg with the help of your left hand. Keep your raised hand straight.

Come back to normal stance slowly and relax for few seconds. Repeat the exercise again for four times, daily.

Movement 5

Sit down on the ground with your legs stretched forward. Place the left hand on the floor, just beside the left hip. And now put the right hand on it twisting yourself towards left. Now try to stretch your right leg as much as you can.

Relax and repeat the exercise with the left leg. Repeat these two movements for 4 times in a day.

As mentioned earlier these exercises are only for women. Do not do these exercises during your menses.

Movement 6

The following movement is only for women who are going through their menses:

Lie down on the floor. Stretch your hands upwards and place them back wards on the floor. Now hold both your palms and keeping the legs together stretch as much as you can. Do not put too much effort on yourself.

Then come back. This exercise doesn’t cause any problems to your health during the menses, but it still keeps up with the body’s height increase.

Please note that these exercises are enough for you only on the first day. For remaining exercises look at our other common exercises section.

Expected Height Increase After Onset of Menses

It is suggested that rate of growth can slow down in girls after the onset of menses. One might expect one to three inches height increase for the next two years immediately after the menses starts.