Exercises for Men

Of all the exercises needed for anyone to increase height is to believe and try to increase height. This is very important as you try different movements (or say simple exercises) to increase your height. The results may not come right away in the first or second week. But when they come you’ll be surprised looking at yourself in the mirror.

The following exercises or movements are only for men:

Movement 1:

Jog at one spot only i.e. run at one place without going forward for one minute. This is very easy for people of any age. If you are a heart patient do not do this movement. This exercise helps in improving the blood circulation in your body.

Movement 2:

Find a wall where you can stand with your hand stretched upwards. Stand still with both your feet on the ground. Stretch your hand upwards and at the highest point that your hand can reach, take a sketch of pencil and make a mark. Relax and draw few lines on the wall towards the ceiling, each at a distance of half or quarter of an inch.

Repeat this exercise everyday and try to reach out as higher as you can for one whole minute.

Movement 3:

Sit down on the floor, with your spine erect and legs stretched forward. From this position slowly start moving your torso to the ground backwards. Stop for a while at regular intervals. Then rest on your back to the ground for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise for four times.

Movement 4:

Now continuing from the previous exercise, lie down on the ground. Pull your right knee towards your chest. Support your legs with both the hands. Make sure that you are keeping the other leg stretched on the floor.

Take the right leg slowly back on to the ground and then repeat the exercise with the left leg.

Now do the exercise with both the legs, but keep the waist on the ground.

Movement 5:

Stand erect on the ground. Raise your hands. Without bending your spine and legs bend from the waist forward to reach the ground. Do not try to overdo this exercise. Then come back normally. Repeat this for 4 times each day. Heart patients need not do this exercise.

The above five movements are for men only. But these are not all. There are more to come. But these five movements should serve as a very effective way of beginning to increase your height.

Please note that these exercises are enough for you only on the first day. For remaining exercises look at our other common exercises section.

Is it Possible to Increase Height After 18 Years?

In male, puberty starts between the age of 12-16 years. Puberty can be marked by period of extreme growth spurt followed by a period of very slow growth. After puberty,  the rate of growth can gradually lessen as epiphysis starts solidifying. Once epiphysis finally solidifies, growth can stop altogether. So, after the age of 18 years, till ephiphysis solidifies completely, one might still have some chance to add few extra inches.