Effects of Sleep and Massage on Height

Relaxation is a unique way that has been developed by the humans to get rejuvenated. Many of us tend to use the term ‘relaxation’ often, and yet relax only out of habit or when the body is tired. However, relaxation has an important role to play in the development of human body, which includes increasing the height..

The regular forms of relaxation are sleep and massage. Lets analyze how these affect the way we grow.

Sleep and Height:

Very few people realize that sleeping in itself is an art. Well, many would laugh at it. How many times have you slept for nine long hours and still felt fatigues after you got up? Or how man times have you slept for some twenty to thirty minutes in the noon and felt surprisingly fresh when you get up?

Your answer tells the whole story.

Make use of sleep for better height:

  • Lie down on a bed that is straight and even. Stretch out your legs and try to keep them straight. This way, the body tends to relax in a better manner. We tend to sleep this way when we are terribly tired or when we take short nap in the noon.
  • Sleep for nine hours per day – eight hours in the night and possibly an hour in the noon. This makes sure that you spend enough time relaxing.
  • If you get any hint that even after sleeping for eight hours you tend to feel tired, think of your stress sources. Your body is taking too much of strain and that is being shown as being tired after a longish sleep.
  • If you think that you are having too many dreams or you wake up too many times get up, have a walk and then retire. This helps you to get a sound sleep.

Massage and Height:

Massage is scientific way developed by the humans more out of evolutionary habits. Yes, even the normal rubbing of your eyes or jerking your hands are involuntary habits that relax your muscles. A regular massage involves all such activities there by providing a fine tuned method of relaxing your tired bodies and thus give you sound health. Remember sound health is the best and the only way to increase your height.

Tips for body massage to improve your height:

Ask one of your family members to help you as a masseur.

Back Massage:

  • Lie down resting on your chest and the front part of your body. Much better if you lie on ground or on a hard bed.
  • Ask your masseur to give you a rub with almond oil.
  • Massage should be done from bottom of the spine to its top.
  • Extra pressure need not be applied.
  • After a massage get patted gently all over the back.

This massage actually releases the unnecessary stoop that your postures might have given to your spine. That means, it not only helps you get a correct posture but also helps you increase your height by giving your back the right kind of exercise.