Clothes to Hide Height Problems

We are all fashion crazy, whatever our economical limitations are. We tend to buy clothing, even home care appliances, utensils and what not.

Find out what tall man clothes are. Looking tall is what we all want, no matter how tall we presently are. While women try to get their highheels help them with their height, it’s the dressing that men generally take the help of.

Fashion by definition is a custom that is accepted more or less by the entire society, though this might change sooner or later. Therefore fashion is generally a nothing culture that is good only for a very small period of time. However in the fad of following the fashion we tend to wear tight clothes, which in many cases irritate us to the extent of making us temperamental.

However people today are more open towards breaking this kind of hypocrisy with which people dress to show off. Today you will find more people wearing easy dresses or looser costumes.

It has been found that children, who are accustomed to wearing clothes that are tighter, tend to grow up into short adults. Tight dresses tend to suppress, though not in all cases, free movement of blood and thus energy inside the body. This results in excessive energy being used only to supply digested food.

Wearing tight undies sometimes creates certain kind of muscle pains and joint pains around waist or buttocks. Even shoes tend to do that with muscles. Another good example is the practice of toe-tying in China and Japan. The women grow very small feet as their feet are tied up for long periods of time.

Tips to look taller:

Many people believe that wearing loose clothes is good enough to look tall. However, this is only half true.

Actually, one needs to understand his complexion, his height, his face and more importantly his postures to help himself to look taller. Only then comes the part of deciding what kind of dress to wear to look taller.

  • If you generally look lean, it is very easy for you to look taller. Wear something that is on the looser side, but not exactly loose. Try to get clothes that would look better for people who would look a bit less lean than you.
  • If you look particularly thin and short, wear shirt with checks and looser pants. This applies both to women. A longish looking design across the top would be ideal for women.
  • If you are fat and stout, wear loose shirts and loose pants; that would do good.
  • If you have a correct body weight and very good looking body buildup then it is not possible to hide your height that easily. Dress easily and use plain colours. That would not only add to your good looks but will make you centre of attraction, wherever you go.