Children Grow Taller While They Are Asleep

Growth takes place while you are asleep and this is so when you happen to be a child as well. Children grow during sleep. Their bones continue to develop and grow.

It is understood that 90% of bone growth takes place at night. Sleep gives the child adequate rest. The human growth hormone is released during this time and this results in growth spurt. Sleep is essential for the body to rest and adequate rest means better physical growth.

Sleep is essential for physical recuperation, physical growth, the development of the immune system, brain development, learning, memory, and information processing as well as many other systems of the brain and the human body. In other words, it is essential for overall body growth. Obviously, during sleep also many physical changes take place and body grows. Height also increases in the process.

It is very essential to sleep stretched properly and not bent. Body shape is important. Free leg movement should be there for when asleep for the body to grow and develop further. Poor sleep quality affects the growth.

Infants should also sleep comfortably as growth takes place during that time. In fact despite the fact that they sleep for longer periods of time, yet they physically and mentally grow. They grow in height. You can see much change when they were 1 month old and when they are 6 months old. They have grown in height no doubt, although they may have slept during the day as well as night most of the time.

Sleep should not be interrupted as it can affect growth. A child should get sufficient sleep for him to recover from the day’s activities. Sleep helps him or her to recuperate. This in turn helps in physical growth. Much of the growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland during this time. These hormones help in increasing height.

Sleep is very essential for the healthy growth of a child. Many bodily functions take place during this time. One should get adequate sleep in their formative years as a well. They grow tall during this age and even much earlier and sleep plays an important role in height formation.