Can Surgery Increase Height?

People like to appear tall. They like to stand out in the crowd, command more respect from their peer group. Tall people have an advantage over their shorter counterparts, as people tend to look up to them literally and metaphorically. They attain heights in the work area also as they have a lot of self-confidence and high self – esteem. Most people who are short would like to increase their height?

Can they do it through surgery?

Height Increase Through Surgery

Height increase surgery is also known as cosmetic limb lengthening and is a complex process, which is primarily performed on children to rectify disproportional leg lengths. It is also found useful in treating dwarfism, as abnormally short people would like to add some inches to their height.

The limb lengthening and deformity correction process works on the principle of distraction osteogenesis (Bone development). The belief here is that the bone can be regenerated. A bone that has been cut off during surgery can be slowly pulled apart, leading to new bone formation (osteogenesis) at the site of lengthening. Segments of the bone can be lengthened by 15 to 100 per cent.

A variety of techniques are used in limb lengthening. Monolateral (one sided) and circular external fixation devices are used to correct angular deformities as well as deficiencies in limb length.

Surgery of the shin is done under general anesthesia. During the process the apparatus of external fixation is applied. It takes about 40 to 50 minutes. The patient uses crutches during this time. On the fifth day after surgery elongation is started by means of dosage adjustments of nuts in the fixation apparatus.

The apparatus can be removed from the operated extremity after a certain period, which is required for thickening of the bone regenerate. At the same time, surgical operations on lower extremities are performed separately and consecutively with a 3-4month interval.

Height increase of 6-7cms takes on the average 10 months. During the treatment the patients remain active and either walk with the help of crutches or without them. The maximum height increase is 7-9 cms. The age of the patient may vary from 16 to 60 year.

One can go in for surgery to increase one’s height. It is definitely a difficult way out, but nevertheless possible. One may experience a lot of discomfort but this cosmetic surgery is also available for you to choose from many other non-surgical options to increase height.