Height and Intelligence Inter-related

Tall people are considered to be more intelligent and their self-confidence and self-esteem is of a high order. There is a correlation between height and intelligence it has been observed. Tall people have many advantages. They are better received socially and others look up to them. They are considered to have an upper hand over their shorter counterparts.

Why Tall People Have Higher Intelligence?

  • Tall people get more attention. Even as a child they get noticed and their teachers notice them more. They are thus not deprived psychologically in their childhood. This makes them to be well-adjusted individuals in their later life. Their performance levels go up
  • The earning capacity of a tall person is considered to be high as he generally goes in for high status and profile jobs. He is rated well by other professionals and does not go unnoticed. They are smart and prefer to do well in life.
  • Tall children score well in examinations. The shorter ones whose linear growth is retarded tend to gain fewer score in cognitive functions. It has also been observed that an increase in height will result in a corresponding increase in intelligence.
  • Hormonal therapies among those children who are short have not only gained few inches in height but also their IQ levels have improved. Good nutrition in the childhood stage results in better physical growth and robust health builds up your confidence level. Shorter children had lower growth hormone levels, which affected their IQ levels, indicating why shorter children perform less well than their taller counterparts.
  • Short stature is a sign of poor post -natal growth and nutrition. When physical growth is stunted overall development also does not take place at times. Stunted growth results in lower IQ levels since full potentialities do not get developed. At same time one must be aware that there are other factors such as environment, parental upbringing etc which influence IQ.

There appears to be a correlation between intelligence and height. Tall people perform better in many fields when compared to the shorter people, as their confidence levels are high. For example, in sports they have an upper hand in some games. This of course does not imply that short people are not intelligent. It just implies a person of good stature is man or woman of good height, since physical health also plays an important role in the development of the IQ.