Ankle Weight

One wants to increase one’s height. It is good to do it when your young as that is the time when your height increases. Once you cross 24 years of age it becomes difficult to increase your height. So one has to make all the effort before that to gain adequate height. Looking tall is generally appreciated by most.

Genetic factors do influence your height, but one should also try to increase one’s height by adopting various exercise measures available. Ankle weights help in muscle growth. It is essential to tone up the muscles. These weights also help in losing weight, and when you lose weight, you look slim and tall.

Ankle weights help in strengthening the calf and thigh muscles and make your legs sturdier. One can carry out exercises wearing ankle weights in a gym or even at home. Ankle weights help to increase height.

How Do Ankle Weights Increase Height?

  • Weights are tied to the legs making the legs function in an anti-gravitational movement assisting toning of the legs. The pulling movement helps to gain height
  • Jogging with ankle weights
  • Using dumbbells tied in a piece of cloth on the ankle and shin a
  • Running with ankle weights
  • Walking with ankle weights
  • One can do sit-ups with ankle weights
  • Gravity pull on the legs also stretches the spine. It helps you grow few inches tall. This is the reason astronauts grow tall in space although when they come back they return to normal size
  • One should be consistent with one’s routine
  • One can wear ankle weights while dancing
  • Ankle weights can be worn while performing aerobics
  • One can walk with ankle weights on

Grow tall. Use ankle weights while exercising. Add a few inches to your height. It improves your self-esteem and self-confidence.