Alexander Technique and Height Improvement


Alexander technique involves balance and your way of moving. It focuses on postural movements, how you carry yourself and how straight you keep your back while sitting and walking. Walking and sitting erectly makes you look tall. It enhances your height and at a younger age your height improves. You grow a few inches taller.

Over a period of time we tend to slouch and do not take care of our posture. The muscles get contracted in this position. Modern style of living has resulted in bad postures. We tend to be slouched in front of a desk or a computer.

We need expert help to improve upon our body movements and positioning. The Alexander Technique helps us in better posture and bodily movements. It teaches you the natural grace. Children also lose out on this grace once they enter school and they tend to slouch in front of a desk or are over burdened with books. They carry them on their backs in some countries.

One can hold ones head effortlessly and the weight is distributed evenly on the feet if one followed the Alexander Technique.

How Alexander Technique Can Improve Height?

  • Allows the spine to regain its natural curves and remain erect
  • It teaches you how to stand, how to sit, and use a chair. This enhances your height
  • One learns to keep the head properly, not leaning too forward, which reduces the height
  • You remain erect at all times which makes you look tall
  • Even if we come across a chair, which is not comfortable, we can still sit comfortably as the technique teaches you to sit like a chair
  • It corrects habitual and misaligned body structure
  • It integrates body and mind
  • Increases awareness as to how the body should be used
  • It involves the whole body
  • It improves the pelvic and abdominal muscles

Alexander Technique helps in maintaining a good posture and improves our body structure. We look tall when we walk with our backs straight and do not bend our heads forward. Also if we sit properly then our posture remains intact even when we walk. We do not give a slouched appearance. A slouched back takes off some inches from our height. Improve your height with the help of Alexander technique.