Advantages of Growing Taller

Michael Jordan, famous NBA star who is 6 feet 6 inches tall, was once quoted as wanting more height. What is it that makes even these tall people seek more height?

Lets just work out why people want to grow taller. Most people tend to believe that taller people get more respect with friends and in society. Though this is not always true, this belief has become so popular that more people tend to unconsciously believe that this is true. Popular media, beliefs and customs in some or the other way have given some importance to height of a person.

Standing out of a crowd

Everyone has been through such incidents. People who are taller tend to be noticed quicker than the rest in the crowd. That means they gain attention easily and naturally. Attention is something that we all seek, whether we accept it or not. If someone is observed without any physical effort, it is mostly because there is something that makes him different. Apart from physical abnormalities (which are bad), the only good thing that can make a person more noticeable is his HEIGHT.


This is the reason why police, military and some sales companies look forward to recruit only those who are taller. Ofcourse police and military have valid reasons, and so do sales companies. They want their sales people to be more presentable to their customers so that they can lure them into buying the products.

Therefore being tall is an additional boost to those who want to make it to these kind of jobs.

Looking attractive:

If you had the chance to pick up your spouse amongst equally beautiful girls and similarly handsome men, who would you pick up? The answer is easy. Definitely the taller one would be picked. This is the kind of impact taller people have on us. Most guys’ dream women are tall. All girls dream of getting married to Mr Handsome who is tall and a bit on the darkish side.

Customs and beliefs:

Many old age customs have come to life and some beliefs even exist today – that taller men can easily become leaders. Though in many regions such beliefs do not exist that people tend to get impressed by taller guys more easily than anyone else. This attitude by many is believed as an alternative to talent.


Even today writers tend to believe that tall and handsome people are more suitable to their characters. There are many people who romanticize of being tall.


Now lets go where we started. Games like basket ball, table tennis and swimming give great results to taller people.

Growing taller helps.