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4 Tips to Grow Tall After 20

Many people think that after you reach a certain age, it is not possible to grow further unless you take extreme measures to increase your height. However, if you want to grow tall after 20 years of age, there are a few easy ways to help push your body into stretching a little bit further. Some of these are natural ways while the others are meant to give your body an artificial boost for growth. Here are a few tips on how to grow tall after 20 years of age.

  • Dietary Changes

    The only way you can supply your body with the necessary nutrients required to perform various growth related activities is to eat a well-balanced diet. Eating foods that are rich in nutrients is beneficial for speedy growth of your body cells, especially, eating foods that are rich in calcium, magnesium, selenium, and vitamin D, will help speed up the process of bone growth. However, it is also essential to keep your diet balanced apart from consuming foods rich in calcium.

  • Stretching Exercises and Physical Activity

    Another effective way to ensure you can grow taller even after 20 is to be physically active. Staying physically active demands your body to absorb the nutrients you consume better. As long as you are physically active your body strives for constant growth and healing of cells, which is why children who are active from a younger age have good growth than those who are not. If you haven’t been as active as you need to be when you were a child, it is never too late. Start taking up stretching exercises and participate in sports and other physical activities.

  • Hormone Supplements

    If you feel you need a much stronger boost to speed up growth, you can try hormone supplements. Consult a physician and get yourself evaluated regarding what type of hormone supplements you need. The hormone supplements should always be taken in prescribed doses. Taking in higher doses might produce undesirable adverse reactions in the body.

  • Bone Lengthening Surgeries

    Many medical institutes are also providing bone lengthening surgeries for those whose bones need to be artificially elongated. You can consult your doctor regarding the procedure and the hospitals that offer such surgeries. It’s also better to research beforehand if there will be any side effects after the procedure.

Before you go on to decide what kind of treatment or method you want to use to improve growth, carefully research all the possibilities and options. Since unhealthy lifestyle inhibits growth, if you want to grow tall after 20, you also need to ensure that you have made healthy changes to your lifestyle.

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  1. yogo is best medicine to grow heght

  2. Hi, my height is 5.5 inch and i am 20 yrs old. Can i increase my height upto 3-6 inch?

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