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3 Excellent Foods for Bone Lengthening

A healthy and rich diet can make a world of difference to how well your bones are growing, whether the purpose is to heal a fracture, your recovery from a bone lengthening surgery, or if you just simply want to grow tall through nutrition. Food and nutrition that contribute to improvement in growth and development play an important role in helping you achieve the height you want in a healthy and constructive way. So, here are some of those foods that are bound to improve bone lengthening.

  • Calcium Rich Foods

    Even a layman wouldn’t deny how important calcium is for helping your bones grow, gain strength, and increase density. Apart from contributing to growth, calcium is also an important mineral that is essential in helping your heart respond to neural signals and beat correctly. Which is why, being deficient in calcium can do a great harm in many aspects of your body health. Foods that are rich in calcium include milk, yogurt, almost all green leafy vegetables, soy beans, salmon, tofu, okra, oranges, and almonds.

  • Proteins

    Though often misunderstood, proteins are also important in lengthening your bones. There are various kinds of proteins available in the food that you eat every day, and all these proteins are essential in different types of chemical processes that happen in your body. The new cells and tissues that are required for healing and growth are generated using proteins, and missing on proteins is something that you don’t want to do. They also help keep your muscles healthy, which is very important because your muscles support your bones, and without healthy muscles there will be too much pressure on your bone structure. Foods that are rich in protein include fish, chicken, milk, soy products, lentils, peas, and beans. However, an ounce of protein is enough for a person per day, and too much protein can be detrimental to calcium absorption.

  • Vitamins

    Vitamins, as well, are part of the vital nutritional requirements that are essential in not just growth, but also a healthy sustenance. They help stimulate absorption of nutrients, and also assist in various chemical syntheses. Especially, vitamins C, D, and K are important in bone development, as they help in healing, absorbing, and binding the calcium to your bones. Getting the vitamins you need is never a difficult thing; all you have to do is make sure you are eating all sorts of foods, all types of vegetables, fruits, and grains.

So, make sure you are being careful with your diet. It also important that along with proper diet, you should avoid certain habits such as smoking, alcohol, and consuming excessive red meats and caffeine not to hamper your bone lengthening process.

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