Grow Tall

4 Simple Ways for Increasing Your Height

Among the many factors that affect how tall you can grow, there are some that you can control and use to your advantage for

increasing your height

. Factors such dietary habits, sleeping patterns, fitness, and your general health play a vital role and are in your hands, ruling out other factors such as genetics. Exploiting them will help you immensely in achieving the height you want. Here are a few simple ways for

increasing your height

Increasing Your Height

  • Spinal Stretches

    Your spinal cord plays an important role in determining your height. To make the most of it, you need to keep your spinal cord strong, flexible, and make sure you are not damaging it through wrong postures. Good postures are important in preserving your spinal health, without which there will be a risk of both losing height and nerve related problems (nerves that pass through spinal cord). To keep it flexible, you can try various stretching exercises from yoga and Pilates.

  • Total Body Stretches

    Also stretching exercises that involve your whole body will help you improve the length of your bones by increasing the chances of growth. Apart from spinal cord, your neck and legs need to undergo stretching. Total body stretching not just helps in improving height, but it will also improve posture, and can even solve posture related problems.

  • Staying Physically Active

    Being physically active is important to ensure that the demands of your body for more nutrition are justified. When you are active your body needs more and more nutrients to be able to keep up with the activity. Take up any form of physical activity, sports, dancing, aerobics, gym, or anything else that can keep your body working.

  • Calcium Rich Diet

    As it’s the bones that need to grow in order to make you taller, you need to feed them properly. Foods rich in calcium, such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, and green leafy vegetables, should be taken on regular basis, almost every day in order to meet your daily calcium needs.

Along with these simple ways, you should also avoid things including smoking, alcohol, and irregular lifestyle habits that inhibit growth, to help you in

increasing your height


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