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5 Factors that Can Increase Bone Growth

Keeping your bones healthy, strong, and growing is the key to achieve the height that you desire. There are many factors that can

increase bone growth

, such as the kind of food you consume and your day-to-day lifestyle habits. Your body needs a healthy environment in itself to ensure that it can carry on its activities without any trouble. In order to do this, you will have to make a few changes or add new habits in your lifestyle to

increase bone growth

, and here are some of them.
Increase Bone Growth

  • Taking Calcium Rich Diet

    Calcium rich foods should form an important part of your diet as much of your bone length and strength depends on it. You should also make sure that you are taking calcium along with vitamin D, as it is necessary to help your body absorb calcium. Milk and other dairy products, green leafy vegetables, calcium fortified soy milk, and oats are some of the sources rich in calcium.

  • Eating Nutritious Food

    Apart from calcium rich foods, increasing bone growth requires other nutrients as well, especially vitamins and minerals. Your body is the house of very complex chemical reactions, which if unbalanced, will not bring desirable changes in you. Eating a well-balanced diet is the only choice you have to make sure that this balance is maintained.

  • Being Physically Active

    Being physically active helps your body grow taller in many different ways. It helps improve your bone density and helps keep your bone strong. It helps keep your muscles fit and toned, and helps take off pressure of your weight from bones. It increases the secretion of growth hormones in your body to heal and let your body grow tall.

  • Keeping Your Body Flexible

    Stretching exercises are a very popular choice among height enthusiasts. Stretching exercises increase scope for more growth in your bone structure. Especially, spinal stretches can increase the space between each vertebrae and hence, lengthening of spinal cord. They will also help tone your muscles so that your bones are better supported.

  • Getting Enough Sleep

    You body requires proper rest in order to increase the pace of growth process. The fatigue and stress that your body goes through during the day time will result in a lot of damage to the cells, which need to be healed and rejuvenated. While you are asleep, your body releases growth hormones which can return your body back to normal, and will carry out the growth process. Without enough sleep, this process will be hampered, and there will be an increase in the stress factor.

Keeping yourself healthy and active will help your stay fit and able to absorb the nutrients necessary for growth. Apart from keeping in mind the above factors that can help

increase bone growth

, it is also important to remember factors such as smoking and alcohol, that are growth inhibitors, and should be avoided.

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