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5 Factors that are Height Growth Inhibitors

Sometimes, it is not enough to think your hormones will carry on their work and make you tall, though it is in your genes. There are several factors that act as

growth inhibitors

, and if you are not careful, will only result in decreased growth pace, or even bring it to a complete halt. Most of these factors are lifestyle related, and can be easily rectified if recognized. So, here are those factors that are height

growth inhibitors

Growth Inhibitors

  • Lack of Physical Activity

    Lack of physical activity can affect many functions in your body. In relation with height and bone health, not being physically active can decrease bone density, and will also decrease calcium absorption. Without enough calcium, it is not possible for the bones to grow long and stay strong.

  • Dietary Deficiencies

    Dietary deficiencies are the important of all factors that inhibit growth in many people. If your body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to produce hormones required for growth, the growth rate will be decreased. It is important to make sure that you are taking a well-balanced diet to prevent this.

  • Inadequate Sleep

    Since the growth hormones are usually released during night when your body is relaxed while you are asleep, inadequate sleep can hamper this process. Those who stay awake for long or sleep at late hours in the night, will only put stress on the body and increase fatigue.

  • Stress

    Being physically or mentally stressed also contributes to diminished growth rate. Being under stress affects the body negatively by releasing stress related hormones and free radicals. These interfere with the healing and regenerating process of your body. Cutting down on stress, or learning to manage stress is important to avoid situations like these.

  • Smoking and Alcohol

    Smoking and alcohol disturb the delicate chemical balance of your body. Without this balance, it will be difficult for your body to perform its usual functions and release hormones during the right times or the right amounts. If you have any of these habits, it’s best to quit them to see any change.

Check out if any of the factors mentioned above are causing problems with your height. The best way to ensure that these factors do not affect your body, is to adapt a healthy lifestyle that is bound to provide your body with what it needs. That way you can easily avoid these

growth inhibitors

, and improve your growth rate.

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