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4 Super Foods that Increase Height

Many young people desire to be tall or to reach a certain height before their growing period comes to an end, as being tall gives an added advantage over those who are not. The

foods that increase height

are those that will help your body stay nourished and provide you with both the basic and in depth nutritional requirements. So, here are some of those super

foods that increase height

Foods that Increase Height

  • Milk

    Milk is a rich source of calcium and many other nutrients required for growing tall. The best part is, though there are many other sources of calcium, milk provides you with calcium that is easily absorbed by your body. This is owing to the fact that milk contains vitamin D along with calcium, which enhances its absorption. So, make sure you are taking milk or at least any other dairy product along with your meals.

  • Poultry and Lean Meat

    Poultry and lean meat are very good sources of vitamin and are low in saturated fats, which makes them a healthy choice of protein source. But, if you are a vegetarian, there are many vegetarian protein sources available naturally, such as milk, tofu, peas, beans, and lentils, or any other source related to this family.

  • Green Leafy Vegetables

    Though not usually considered height increasing foods, green leafy vegetables are an essential part of your diet. Dark green leafy vegetables are high in many minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Cooked, or eaten raw, they will provide you with good amounts of minerals that are necessary for growth and increasing your height.

  • Fish

    Fish is the richest source of essential fatty acids or omega fatty acids. They are essential because they are needed in many cellular activities, and have many anti-aging and healing properties. Consuming fish at least three times a week can fulfill your need for essential fatty acids. For vegetarians, there are options other than fish for essential fatty acids, such as flax seeds (richest vegetarian source).

  • Whole Grain Foods

    Whole grains, whole grain breads and other food products are not just rich in fiber, but also most of the B vitamins. B vitamins are essential for healthy functioning of your body, and are also necessary in many other metabolic activities related to increasing height and growth.

Being physically active, along with a lifestyle that is healthy and has a positive approach towards diet and exercise is the best way to ensure that your wish for getting taller is satisfied. Consuming

foods that increase height

is like doing the ground work, and with good exercise, it is complete.

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