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5 Tips to Increase Height after 18 Years

The growth rate and the rate at which your height increases keep slowing down, but, the good news is they are still there. So, if you want to

increase height after 18

years of age, all you have to do is make a few lifestyle changes if you have not already done them and put in a little effort to keep yourself and your body healthy. Here are a few tips that can help you

increase height after 18

Increase Height After 18

  • Staying Physically Active

    Most teenagers after 18 tend to get tricked into sedentary life and might not be as physically active as they used to be during their childhood. Instead of letting yourself be swept into a sedentary life, try to retain any of your interests, such as sports or dance.

  • Getting a Well-Balanced Diet

    Never neglect what you eat. Choose foods that will provide you with nourishing and balanced diet, including calcium, protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and fiber. Always try to eat on time, and do not skip meals for any reason. If you are not hungry, eat light meals.

  • Stretching Exercises

    You can also try stretching exercises, or physical activity that involves stretching your body or keeping yourself flexible. Letting your body stretch regularly helps your bone structure retain the ability to lengthen.

  • Getting Rid of Bad Postures

    Bad postures are one of the reasons for improper bone development or health. It can also add to the stress you put on your bone structure. Maintain proper posture everyday. If you find yourself getting tired, consider strengthening your muscles. If your muscles are not strong enough, you get tired fast being in the posture and might also end up increasing pressure on your spinal cord.

  • Giving Your Body Enough Rest

    Your body needs regular rest to get itself back on track by next day. Get proper sleep every night, and avoid staying up for too long or depriving yourself of sleep.

Since growth doesn’t usually stop by teenage, you still have a good chance to

increase height after 18

, and it also requires a little bit of effort from you to maintain healthy food and lifestyle habits.

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