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5 Tips to Grow Taller for Girls

The growth spurts in girls start early and end early when compared to boys. However, it is also possible to make the maximum of it while you can, and even if you are past that age, there is nothing to worry about. A few tips to

grow taller for girls

can help you overcome this problem. Taking a few steps to change your lifestyle into a healthy one with nutritious diet, proper rest, good posture, and exercise, can bring about major difference in your height. So, here are a few tips to

grow taller for girls

Grow Taller for Girls

  • Foods Rich in Calcium

    Calcium is one of the most important nutrients required during and after a girl’s growing age. For good bone health and strength, it is important to consume at least one form of dairy product during every meal. This ensures that you are receiving enough amount of calcium required to achieve the height you want.

  • Protein and Vitamins

    In order to grow taller, girls also need proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients, which constitute a healthy balanced diet. Along with your bone health, you also need your muscles to build up healthy, strong, and toned. Taking a diet that is rich in proteins and vitamins will help your body grow in a balanced way.

  • Get Good Night’s Sleep

    Most of the growth process, including the release of hormones responsible for increasing your height, happens when your body is completely relaxed at night during sleep. Try not to stay up too long at nights, and make sure that you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep everyday.

  • Do Not Skip Meals

    Many adolescent girls neglect their meals either because of stress related issues, or so as to try and maintain their figure. However, such a practice is very unhealthy as it can severely interfere with the growth process. Deprivation of carbohydrates and other nutrients can lead to improper growth and several health problems in the future.

  • Sports and Physical Activity

    Keeping yourself physically active ensures that your body can literally absorb all the nutrients you are providing through diet, and will help you lengthen your bones. It also ensures that your bone structure is naturally perfected.

Having a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and regular exercise, can influence the pace of your growth in a very positive way. The tips to

grow taller for girls

discussed above make sure that these aspects of your life are taken into consideration and worked on.

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