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4 Tips to Increase Height Through Diet

Diet plays a major role in the growth process of the body. Carefully planning your diet and nutritional intake can be considered one of the workable

tips to increase height

. What you eat is what your body gets to have and work on to build bones, muscles and carry on other growth related functions. So, here are a few

tips to increase height

through diet.
Tips to Increase Height

  • Calcium

    Calcium is the most important nutrient necessary for bone growth and health. Without calcium, the bones will not be able to grow long enough, and might become brittle. Consuming foods that are rich in calcium such as dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, Brazil nuts, almonds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, and celery, every day as part of your every meal can help increase your height.

  • Protein

    Protein is another important nutrient required for growth after calcium. Protein is necessary for the growth of muscle and improving muscle strength, which helps in supporting the bones. Protein is also a necessary nutrient for DNA replication and birth of new cells. Foods rich in protein include poultry, meat, milk, lentils, and beans.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Vitamins and minerals play an indirect role in increasing the strength and density of your bones. They can directly influence the quality and pace of your growth process. Having a balanced diet can ensure that you are receiving all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

  • Fiber

    Fiber might seem to be the last thing that can help you grow tall. But, because of the foods you eat, or because of the stress you need to face, your body tends to have increased number of free radicals and toxins. They, of all other factors, are the greatest growth inhibitors. So, make sure that you include foods that are also rich in fiber, as it can help your body get rid of these free radicals and toxins.

However, you should also keep in mind that following the above

tips to increase height

naturally through diet is not enough without keeping your body physically active. Combine your balanced diet with any of your favorite physical activity to get even better results.

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