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Stretching Exercises to Grow Tall

Exercises are effective to grow tall. They help in improving posture, increasing growth hormone level and strengthening of muscles. This article describes about the stretching exercises in detail.

Different Stretching Exercises to Grow Tall


The biggest obstacle that inhibits growth is gravity. The whole day gravity compresses your joints and spine. Thereby, making you much shorter. However, you can overcome this by following simple hanging exercises. This form of exercise aids in stretching of your spine and reduces tension between vertebrae. By performing it regularly one can gain height of two inches.

To perform this exercise, you will need a bar that is placed some feet away from the ground so that your body extends fully. While performing this exercise there is a need to keep your shoulders, hips and arms in a relaxed position. This enables the gravity to pull your body further. It should be done for about three times a day. Wearing ankle weights while performing this exercise shows increased benefits.

Shoulder lift:

Lye on the front with face on the floor. Now lift arms and shoulders off the floor for few seconds and allow them to fall. This exercise should be performed for 5 times in a day. You will gain a height of one inch within 4 weeks. This exercise works by activating a muscle that is often weak in many people. This muscle is present at the mid point of spine region.

Pelvic shift:

It is one of the most preferred exercise by all fitness instructors. It is easy to perform. Firstly, you will have to lye on your back. Arms and shoulders should be firmly planted on the floor. Now bend your knees and bring your feet close to your hips as much as possible. Next, bend your back in order that pelvis thrusts up. This position should be held on for about 20 seconds.

Before performing any kind of exercise to grow tall there is a need to seek doctor’s advice. These exercises at the beginning should be performed slowly and then should be done consistently.

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