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Ways to Increase Height Naturally After Puberty

Surgery for growing tall may involve in risks such as bone breaking, nerve damage, limb paralysis and bone twisting. So, it is better to switch over to natural ways to increase height. This article describes a few important ways.

Different Ways to Increase Height


It is necessary to take a balanced diet for proper growth. Include foods that have essential amino acids, calories, proteins and calcium in it. Lower levels of these nutrients will lead to stunted growth.

  • Calcium is necessary for growth promotion. As skin cells are dead newer cells replace them. This is the same in case of your bones. Calcium is found in tofu, orange juice and dairy products. So, include them in your regular diet to increase its level in the body. Lack of calcium generally results in muscle weakening and bone breakages.
  • Proteins are vital for body building process. Eating foods that are rich in proteins help in bone and muscle development. Thereby, leading to maturity of organs. So, eat right to gain height.


They play a prominent role in increasing height naturally. By performing stretching exercises regularly there is an increased production of human growth hormone within the body. The so produced hormone is responsible for growth process.

  • Hanging:

    It is a simple exercise that any one can perform at home. All you need is a solid bar that has the potential of holding an individuals weight. This bar should be fixed seven feet away from the ground. Hold your arms in a way that they are not too closer or wider. Thereby, performing this exercise helps in elongation of your spine.

  • Cobra Stretch:

    It is a yoga exercise that is intended to stretch spine and makes spine flexible and supple. This helps in growth of vertebrae and increases your vertical height.


A good sleep will help in increasing your height. It is during sleeping period that growth hormone is produced in the body. Thereby, increasing height.

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