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How to Get Tall Legs Through Surgery

Surgery can be an option to get tall legs. It is a four step procedure that is carried out under the guidance of a well trained physician. This article describes about the treatment procedure and its side effects in detail.

Get Tall Legs by Surgery

surgery is carried out in four important stages.

Preparation phase:

In this stage the person consults a physician and discusses about the operation procedure and risk factors involved. In some centers psychological evaluation is done in order to see whether the person has the ability to undergo the surgery.


In the second step fibula and tibia bones of legs are broken. Now an external fixator is attached to the severed bone at each half. This device is attached to the bones by means of a wire or


This procedure is carried out one week after surgery and prolonged for about 2 to 3 months. The time period of this procedure is dependent on the length you desire to increase. The fixator device lengthens and bone growth occurs in the so formed space. About 1mm of length is increased daily. The screw is turned for about 4 times a day to achieve a length of 1mm. Patient is confined to wheel chair during this stage and about 2 to 3 inches growth is seen.

Strengthening Stage:

It is also called as consolidation phase. During this phase also person is confined to a wheel chair until they achieve the ability to bear their own body weight. The device is now used in order to keep the bones in place and lengthening is not seen. At this stage a operation is performed in order to remove the fixator device. Now the person can walk on his own without the use of a wheel chair. An additional one month protection is needed for the legs to heal totally.

Side Effects Involved in a Surgery to Get Tall Legs

  • Nerve injury may occur and person loses feelings in the portion of the lower leg.
  • Sometimes there may be chances of developing limbs with unequal lengths.
  • Bone infection may occur and result in bone destruction.
  • Blood vessels get injured and impair the blood circulation. Thereby, resulting in improper bone growth.
  • Poor bone healing process.

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  1. may i know what is this operation called?

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