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How to Choose Cars for Tall People

Does your head always hits the roof of your car or your friend’s car? Well, why don’t you dream of getting a big automobile or car that has tall headroom to sit up straight comfortably. Don’t you think it’s really looks cool? You’ll be thrilled to drive anywhere.

Here, when i say tall people, I am talking about those people who are taller than 6 feet 6 inches. To drive comfortably, they require 39.7 inches and above of headroom in any automobile. If you are looking for a little shorter than that, you can look for a car that has 37.6 inches of headroom.

Following are a

few examples of cars for tall people.

These are the cars which have 30” of headroom for the driver’s seat.

  • BMW 5 series launched in 2004 with 37.7 inches of headroom for the driver’s seat
  • BMW 7 series launched in 2004 measures 39.2 inches
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class launched in 2004 with 37.6 inches and the E-Class-37.4 inches
  • Lexus LS430 measures 38.1 inches
  • Jaguar XJ with 38.4 inches

Cars that have more than 40 inches headroom for drivers

  • Volkswagen New Beetle launched in 2004 with 41.3 inches of headroom for the driver’s seat
  • Honda Accord with 40.0 inches of headroom for the driver’s seat.

More Top Cars For Tall People

  • Lincoln Navigator
  • 2009 Ford Flex
  • Mini Cooper
  • Ford Econoline
  • FJ Cruiser Zen
  • Jeep srt-8 Sam K

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  1. Dan said on June 28, 2010

    At 6’7″ I think you’ve missed the 50% of the point. While the choices for headroom are limited, the problem is even harder with leg room and thinking that any BMW or Accord is an option is just wrong.

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