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Grow Tall Vitamins For Children

Growth and life are like the two sides of a coin. Vitamins are necessary for our body to grow. A balanced diet is the best way of getting these vitamins as they are essential for your growth, especially during puberty. In that way, you can get enough vitamins that are required for growth and attain the ideal height. Following are some of the main vitamins that help you grow taller.

Vitamin A:

  • It is highly required by our body to strengthen the bones and promote growth.
  • It helps to maintain healthy teeth, gums and skin. It also helps our body to resist infections.
  • Yellow and green colored vegetables, margarine, liver, milk, egg yolk and carrots are some of the good natural sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin D:

  • It is very essential to promote growth and strengthen bones.
  • Sardines and salmon are good sources of vitamin D
  • Sun rays are another source of vitamin D. Direct exposure to sun rays for 10-15 minutes for at least two days in a week can give you enough vitamin D.
  • Taking enough Vitamin D can also prevent eye diseases like conjunctivitis and bone diseases such as rickets.

Other vitamins that help you to grow taller are Vitamin B’s, E, and K. These vitamins play a very important role for growth in height. One should not forget to include these vitamins in one’s diet and should take the required amount to grow taller.

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