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When Do Girls Grow Tall? – Till What Age Girls Grow Tall

Human growth is genetically determined after puberty. The complicated interplay of hormones, genes and nutrients reaches its peak. Once the genes have integrated the development and growth of the body in a stage where it can reproduce, human growth is genetically determined. This generally happens at the age of 18 years for boys and 16 years for girls.

Till what age girls grow tall

is what many girls question themselves. In general, human growth is determined after the completion of the puberty stage. But for girls,the average age is 16 years. Some girls can stop growing by the age of 15 while others can grow even after reaching 18 years. Thus, there is no exact answer to till what age girls grow tall ? However, there is always chances of growing taller for atleast 3-4 inches even after puberty without surgery or without the use of drugs. You can follow certain exercises on a regular basis and gain few inches to your height even after puberty.

Why girls grow taller than boys during puberty?

Yes, you may have observed that many girls grow taller than boys during their puberty or junior school. But by the end of the high school, you’ll notice that most of the boys grow more taller than many girls. Why is that?

Due to the rising levels of human growth hormones called androgens, the growth spurt of both girls and boys undergo changes very fast at the time of puberty. These hormones are produced by the adrenal and testes or ovaries and they begin to work in girls before they start in boys. These hormones makes the shoulders wider and helps the bone to grow.

Another hormone released into girls and boys bodies is estrogen, which also helps in the growth of bones. Girls bodies generally demand more estrogen than boys because it also help to develop hips, layer of under-skin fat and breast. However, high levels of estrogen is slow and eventually stop growing bones and stop growing taller so as the girls develop. Therefore, boys catch up with the girls height and become taller.

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  1. hi…
    my girlfriend is worried about her height
    she is turning 16 this sept and she is just 4’11
    she went to some doctors they told her that she wont grow more??
    is that true? but how..
    she is just 15 now…she can grow tall
    i think in 2-3 years she she grow up till 5’5 atleast!!

    isnt it possible?
    please reply!

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