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Does Growth Hormone Supplements Really Work After Puberty?

Now that you have learnt, so many growth hormone supplements are available in market, to grow taller or to stimulate more pituitary gland, what most of the people question themselves is Does it really works after puberty? The answer is Growth hormone supplements may help you grow taller in teenagers, but they may not be effective or may be less effective on adults when your growth plates have been fused.

Growth Hormone Supplements:

Amino- Growth hormone supplements like Arginine are very effective supplements that can stimulate your pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormones. Amino acids like Lysine or Ornithine can be used along with Arginine which work wonders by regenerating the growth hormone systems in the human body.

However, they may promote taller height only in teenagers or youngsters when their growth plates are wide open for further growth. While in adults or after puberty, artificial growth hormone can only provide vitality and nourish the body as a general supplements.

Disadvantages Associated With Growth Hormone Supplements:

Over consuming of these supplements will cause a condition called Acromegaly . It is a condition where the excretion of growth hormone will be increased in the body circulation system and enlarge your limb bones, hyper-growth of your jaw bones and hands. However, growth hormones will not cause increase height in adult. Over intake of these supplements will also cause other health disorders like intestinal ulcers or it can even cause cancer.
Therefore, it’s always better to consult with your doctor or physician before taking any of these supplements.

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