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How To Perform Grow Taller Meditation?

Grow taller meditation is based on the Qigong Meditation, which involves deep breathing and visualization. It has been proven that by practicing Qigong meditation can increase atleast 3 inches easily in a year if you practice on a regular basis.

Techniques Of Grow Taller Meditation:

    • Lie on your back with your hands together on the chest. Then visualize that one bright ball inside your chest is hanging and absorbing energy from the cosmos
    • After that, breathe in and visualize mentally that you are breathing grow taller energy into your chest from the universe and absorbing the energy into the bright ball.
    • As you exhale, imagine that you are spreading grow taller energy to your entire body, starting from your chest or legs and spreading to all directions.
    • With each exhalation, slowly and loudly speak to yourself inside your mind taller . Then imagine that your legs are extending longer and followed with your arms, neck etc.

Follow this entire process for 5-10 minutes and imagine that you have preserved the bright ball with full energy inside your chest after you finished.

Few Instructions to follow when practicing this meditation:

  • The entire process should be slow and calm
  • Perform this meditation every morning and night. Set an alarm and perform every night, half an hour after you slept and every morning half an hour before you get up early in the morning
  • Set a plan and decide how long you want to grow taller. Also maintain a record to ensure that you practice on a regular basis.
  • Believe yourself and imagine that your body is the physical manifestation of the mind

2 responses to How To Perform Grow Taller Meditation?

  1. I love what you said. I agree with you completely. I will start pratcsing this from today itself. I have complete faith, it will work.

  2. I’m 23 male, Will it work for me…
    This doesn’t mean that i dnt believe in myself.
    I’m just little skeptic about my age.

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