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How To Grow Taller Legs And Increase Your Height?

Leg lengthening exercises is one of the best method to grow taller legs and get taller height. By stretching your spine you can gain taller height but if you concentrate only on spine stretching, you might miss out the most important part of your body as well.
Following are the three best exercises to grow taller legs, that you can follow easily in your day today life and increase your height naturally and safely.


One of the most popular exercise that helps to increase one’s height by stretching your whole body. Apart from stretching your whole body, swimming is a great exercise to lengthen your legs. Your arms stretch out motion and kicking motion when swimming, helps to stretch out your spine and your legs as you floats weightless in the water.

Jump Rope:

If you want to increase your height by lengthening your legs, jumping rope is one great exercise to help you grow taller legs. So jumping rope may not be only for boxers and kids anymore. Jumping rope helps to stretch your legs and lengthen your shin bones. Continue this exercise for atleast 5 minutes or if possible, even more.

Go for a bike ride atleast for 15 minutes:

Go out for bike ride for 15 minutes three times in a week. Riding bike is a good way to stretch your legs and increase your height. To be more effective, you can raise few inches of your seat and try. This helps to stretch out your legs more, but don’t raise your seat too high and drive too fast until you get used to in raised seat.

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  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii My heoght is 5’7 and my dad is 6’0 feet so suggest me to growtaller as fast as possilble

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