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How To Increase Height By Body Inversion?

Many people are not happy with their height and wishing that they could add atleast one inch in their height and be happy. Now, stop wishing this and start work out to increase height instead of dreaming. There are many different grow taller exercises that can help you to gain taller height regardless of your genetics and no matter what your age may be.

Body Inversion:

Body inversion is one best grow taller exercise that can increase your height easily if you follow it on a regular basis.

  • You can perform this body inversion exercise either with the Inversion Boots or Inversion Table
  • Gravity stretches both your knee cartilage and the spine at the same time when your body is kept upside down
  • The advantages of body inversion exercise is that, you can easily stretch your body for longer period of time without fatigue. Because you’re not stop here by your arm strength as in hanging exercise
  • For more effectiveness you can also try holding weights in your hands to increase the stretch quality
  • Investing body inversion boots or table may be little expensive and you may need operating space however, it’s worth the efforts if you use it consistently.

Sleep on a raised bed bottom:

To be more effective, raised your bed bottom part by two to four inches in height. In this way you can allow the gravity to stretch your spine up. By keeping your head lower than your body or below your heart, you are also allowing the gravity to increase the secretion of your growth hormone.

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