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Knee Exercise: How To Increase Your Height By Knees Exercise?

Exercise for the knees to gain height was based on the surgery of lengthening limb. Where the bone of the leg is broken and attached with pins and wires that are worn outside the leg while the leg begins to grow. So here the process is to follow an extreme leg workout by using ankle weights technique. This exercise will help you to stretch out your cartilage and increase your height.

How to Practice Knee exercise to grow taller:

  • To start this exercise, you just have to sprint, stomp, jog and jump your feet as long as you create little micro fractures in your bone.
  • After that immediately, you have to strap some ankle weights on both your foot say about 10 pounds on each foot for the 1st few weeks.
  • Then let your legs hang down on the edge of your bed without touching the floor.
  • To elevate the height you can keep pillows or some sofa under your knee caps
  • You should remain like that every night for an hour or two. Not to feel tire and so monotonous you can listen music, read a book or watch tv while doing that.
  • Getting your feet numb is normal, don’t worry just rub and dangle your feet a bit
  • Sometime you may get a pain in your shins and if you can’t stand anymore, you can remove the straps but don’t stand up immediately.
  • Remember to pee before you strap your legs. It’s most effective if you go to sleep straight after removed the straps. For if you stand up immediately, the stretched out cartilage will compress again.
  • Continue this exercise process for atleast four months and six day in a week to increase half an inch each month

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