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How To Grow Taller By Cycling?

Yes, many people are not satisfied with their height. Some people might be thinking that they are too old to gain taller height. But i tell you, no matter what your age may be if you are very passionate to increase your height you can gain height at any age. It is hard and may take some time to grow but persist and exercise on a regular basis then only you can gain height.

There are many different ways of exercises to grow taller naturally, you can choose which ever you feel more comfortable and you like. If you feel that you love cycling and trying to grow taller, this article is for you. Here are few tips to enjoy cycling and increase your height.

Cycling With Raised Seat To Gain Height:

  • Use an outdoor bike or stationary bicycle, raise the seat as long as you can control the pedals. Always remember to be patient to avoid injury and stop you from continuing cycling.
  • To begin, elevate the seat gradually little higher than normal, don’t raise it too high if it’s not comfortable.
  • Begin at a moderate height, don’t rush yourself at the beginning till you adapts to it. Slowly move it up as your body adapts with the high seat.
  • Cycling with raised seat will help you to stretch your knee cartilage and helps to grow your legs longer
  • Initially when cycling on a raised seat, it might be painful and uncomfortable in the groin area, so try to keep some padding like towel or soft pillow on your seat to cushion
  • Cycling also helps to increase your secretion of Human Growth Hormones to your body

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